A Warm, Light, Luxurious, Sustainable Cloak

Grado Zero,   Anaïs Renaud
The event belongs to
Worth Partnership Project


I was born in France surrounded by refined textiles and inevitably this impacted me as a little child. Through my travels, across Spain, United Kingdom and Italy, the need to feel cozy and traveling without worrying of losing warmth, was essential to me. Wearing it all the time, the most important essential piece of clothing in our wardrobe is our coat so I could put in my luggage and not worry of what to wear outside during cold or rainy days and nights.


I designed the perfect cloak. While at the airport, or going shopping or meeting friends to a restaurant, under the rain or cold, I wanted a one fit all coat. Keeps the rain away and outdoor outerwear features inside the technical coat.


With this in mind, I designed a garment that carries the love for nature with earthy colors, practical features for busy traveling days and importance is placed upon environmental impact while choosing the finest fabrics.


Everything is made in Italy.


The complexities of such a cloak, requires a lot of work regarding the fabrics and finding the lightest ones so the customer can enjoy wearing it, as much as I do. But it also needed to be sustainable because we did not want to waste our planet’s resources. In search of the perfect sustainable fabrics, it took a while until I found the combination that would marry the designs well and yet carry all the important features. What started, as a heavy cloak is becoming an extremely light and chic urban outerwear with a technical ski jacket inside thanks to the fabric novelty and design combined.


Working cross culture made this partnership more fulfilling, as well as understanding and respecting the skills of each one. The craftmanship and dedicated time that each atelier put can be shown in the details of the cloak.


Crowdfunding is a next step to be able to cater people who wants to wear this cloak and to scale up but we want it to be a fun next step and try out our novel that are being invented as we speak. Creating, creating, and creating.


Collaborating requires patience, understanding openness and a lot of communication. If both parties are equally committed, things can start to develop and become interesting.


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