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The Unica concept is based on emotion.

An innovative concept in materials processing.

The Unica concept is based on emotion, understood as the excitement to see, experience, and touch artisanal objects containing a spirit inside them. Creations able to capture attention and arouse emotions.


Italian design is a reference point for the entire World of imagery, especially when an object is not just linked to a concept, but also to its special creation, when it is not just an original idea that makes the difference, but also the skilled craftsmanship used to make the object.


Unica only uses sustainable materials like glass, wood, and steel, combining them with precious metals like gold, copper, and silver to produce unique artistic compositions.

These are only a few of the elements that characterise Unica’s activity, fully supporting the cardinal principles of Made in Italy quality and acting as its spokesperson in international environments of greater cultural depth.


An innovative concept that, taking advantage of the excellence of Made in Italy in the processing of materials, unites matter and spirit, transforming closed spaces into natural places without barriers. The creative effort of a team of talented designers and artisans who have developed and put into practice techniques that have never been tested until now to obtain unpublished effects and decorations.

The "Recipe of the 18 steps", the "WOW effect" and "Trilli" that strongly characterize all of Unica's production also represent in its collections the highest expression of craftsmanship and technological expertise.

The challenge that our artists face is that of creating a product that sees the base melt in unison with the glass top, generating a unique and dynamic result, arousing sensations of movement and lightness aimed at obtaining a perfectly balanced object.

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