Brands UNICA (Luxury Bespoke Tables)

Unica is a brand devoted to the art of furnishing, focusing on the artistic processing of glass, precious metals, and semi-precious stones, with one major source of inspiration: nature.

The furnishing elements created by Unica are artistic objects able to bring magic to the exclusive environments that embrace them. The 100% MADE IN ITALY lines combine artistic craftsmanship with the skills of internationally famous designers.

Italian design is a reference point for the entire world of imagery, especially when an object is not just linked to a concept, but also to its special creation, when it is not just an original idea that makes the difference, but also the skilled craftsmanship used to make the object.

Not to mention the choice of materials. Unica only uses sustainable materials like glass, wood, and stainless steel, but also uses precious metals like gold, copper, and silver, in addition to gold powder.

Via Bonazzi 4


Castel Maggiore (BO)


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