Crocevia,stories of material experimentation and feeling

Torneria Tortona opens its spaces to the CROCEVIA installation by designer Sara Ricciardi. Under the luminous marbles of Matlight and the material stories of Carlo Traviganti, the spaces will evoke a dreamlike digital crossroads, animated by symbols: a puzzle of the encounter, where all passers-by will take part in performative actions, readings and investigations, immersed in light, thoughts, moons, stones and a piano
On the occasion of Milano Design City, Torneria Tortona hosts the installation "Crocevia. Stories of material experimentation and sentiment ", curated by designer Sara Ricciardi, who will move her entire design studio to Torneria from 1 to 4 October, becoming an integral part of the installation. As during the ancient pilgrimages, the crossroads marked moments of incredible exchange and storytelling, they were places to stop after the long walk and where everyone told experiences and facts of life, so Torneria Tortona will turn into a stage of the meeting, a habitat animated by evocative symbols (hands, keys, butterflies, eyes, sun and moon, shells, etc.), a digital oneiric crossroads where all visitors can take part in performative actions, immersed in light, thoughts, moons, stones and a piano. Everything will take place among the luminous marbles of the Matlight company and among the material tales of the master of metals Carlo Traviganti. Design and matter will generate reflections and doubts, interconnections of people and concepts. In a prevailing social distancing it will be an opportunity to bring parallel lines together.  
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Entry rules

hours 11-20,30

access at  meetings  by reservation by whatsapp at 3388056295, compulsory mask, mandatory form for Covid management , follow staff instructions

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