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Design, progress and innovation: Hyundai’s future is already here

The future is already here. In just over 50 years, Hyundai has demonstrated the etymology of its name (in Korean Hyundai means modernity) by focusing on two timeless pillars, progress and innovation.

Together with a unique design of its models, a key element of DNA that shows a marked propensity for evolution and represents the key to the success of its models. Exactly the design, always facing the future, is the result of a great challenge to transform the emotions and dreams of people - more and more personal and sophisticated - into reality.

The Hyundai concept cars – that anticipate the design of future models - are inserted in this frame: i-oniq, FE Concept and Intrado have opened the way for IONIQ, NEXO and Kona, now on the roads around the world. The new Sensuous Sportiness design philosophy has led to the development of the zero-emission “Prophecy” concept car, that gives a nod to the luxury cars of the 1920s and 30s, while at the same time, unique features such as pixelated lighting and aerodynamic wheels make it seem like something from the future.

The innovative SUV Concept Plug-in Hybrid Vision T represents a vision of the new urban adventurer SUV design direction while the electric concept 『45』is a modern interpretation of the iconic Pony Concept, born in 1974 by the hand of Giorgetto Giugiaro, who helped Hyundai to expand in Europe.

Over 45 years have gone by since Hyundai has flown towards progress and sustainability. Thanks to concrete actions inspired by these values, Hyundai is now the only car manufacturer to offer all possible technological solutions for a sustainable mobility: from hybrid powetrain to hydrogen, through electric and plug-in hybrid.

A range of new products with low emissions and high value for money: the compact SUV Kona Electric, with a city range of over 650 km, the Tucson best-seller in a mild hybrid version such as the new range of i20 and i30, up to the icon of the Santa Fe SUVs, now also Full Hybrid and plug-in hybrid. All models with high driving pleasure and the state-of-the-art of safety and connectivity. Last but not least NEXO, the flagship for Hyundai's eco car, the only SUV Fuel Cell, which emits only water vapour.

Waiting for the innovative idea of ​​urban mobility: a new lifeblood for the cities of the future where the man is at the center, in line with the brand vision "Progress for Humanity" which contributes to the progress of human beings.


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