Silvio Mondino presents Dòry

Discover the new Dòry chandelier presented by Silvio Mondino for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, the latest addition to his lighting collection.
Silvio Mondino Studio
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Virtual Craft Week

Silvio Mondino is a Milan-based designer that creates stunning sculptural lighting fixtures, combining his background in media arts and interactive installations with his passion for handmade objects. In his studio, he creates functional pieces of art exploring digital technologies and innovative techniques such as his latest chandelier collection.​ Each piece is assembled by hand and can be customized to fit the client’s needs.

For Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Silvio Mondino Studio presents Dòry, the latest addition to his lighting collection.The structure of the piece is an elementary combination of only two materials, glass and brass, with a rod whose ends are cut diagonally like a spear to which two trapezium-shaped metal masses are attached. The composition plays with the idea of strength and lightness, painting a dynamic and stable image at the same time, like a spear suspended and immobile. The light source is hidden inside the central barrel, reflecting and boucing inside the glass spheres creating stunning light plays and movement.

Furthemore, the Studio presents new editions and finishes of some of its most celebrated works, including the Grandine and Polifemo series.

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