Collectible design handmade in Mexico

A sculptural lighting celebrating Mother Nature

Margaux de Penfentenyo is a design studio based in Mexico City, launching its first collection of sculptural lightings. The studio creates pieces blurring the line between fine art and design. Here, everything is handmade, and available in limited edition. The studio aspires to celebrate and pay tribute to Mother Nature. The materials used, such as wood, wool, cotton or even stone, set the tone. Respect and observation of what is offered by the Earth is the starting point for all its creations. The collection was born of fascination for landscapes. The materials, colors, smells, or even lights, which are born in natural landscapes are transformed into magnificent and original contemporary pieces of collectible design.

Margaux de Penfentenyo most recent collection is entitled Landscape Lamp, which is a sculptural and functional lighting collection. The Landscape Lamp collection is inspired by the trees on the crests of volcanoes. Each strip evokes the geological strata of a landscape. Their vertical shape echoes the trees covering earth. The colors themselves remind of the earth and the leaves. The light coming from the center of the piece is like the halo of a star. This project is an ode to the beauty of natural landscapes.

It comprises beautifully fluid sculptural floor lamps in three different sizes, along with table lamps. Each lamp is handmade using wood, acrylic paint, cotton, and LED strips, and punctured by a hollow center from which the light shines. Each strip evokes the geological strata of a landscape. The lamps are available in a range of colors that evoke each season: spring is in shades of pink, summer in shades of green, autumn in shades of yellow and winter in shades of blue. The two sides of the lamp have different colors and are infinitely customizable.


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