Heleen Sintobin

Sintobin Heleen
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Belgium is Design

Heleen Sintobin (°1992) is a Belgian designer and maker, graduated from the Royal College of Art in London (2019). Inspired by ancient and future making methods, her work strives to convey the power of materials in a contemporary design context.  Her practice focusses on the tension between digital technology and traditional crafts which she expores through hands-on material research, experiments and happy accidents.

Digi-terra Collection explores the aesthetic language of digital crafting within contemporary ceramics. The project unpacks CNC technology from a craft perspective and looks at the digital tool in the historical craft process of retooling.

Alpha cups is a collection of 32 porcelain cups which showcase the vocabulary of different programming parameters of two dimensional CNC milling. The cups are designed and machined flat and assembled by hand.

Sweeping Bowls consists of 9 bowls which are milled by CNC using the 3D algorithmic  parameters of programming as an aesthetical language.

Smokejack Tiles is a collection of 48 terracotta tiles showing a topographical landscape of the terracotta pit ‘Smokejack’ in Cranleigh, England. Each tile is encoded with its unique GPS coordinates and milled by CNC in the wet terracotta clay.

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