Charlotte Lancelot design studio

Charlotte studied at the Industrial department of the Ecole Nationale des Arts Visuels de la Cambre in Brussels, where she was graduated with honours in 2003. She collaborated with internationally recognized brands such as Koziol, Konstantin Slawinski, Kidslab, Easyoga, sdesign, rvb, MUDAM Museum.

In 2012, she started a close collaboration with the Spanish company GAN. For them she presents 3 new products:
Diamond is the new collection of outdoor kilims, made from 100% recycled PET. The designer’s goal was to create a multi-faceted colored diamond, thanks to the superposition of different translucent geometric figures. The result offers fascinating visual effects of transparency and gradients that show that beauty and sustainability, at GAN, always go hand in hand.
Chaadar is a collection of embroidered rug made of felted wool. Chaadar means “leave” in Hindi. The pattern is the result of the use of different kind of stitches: the leaves stitches, the lines and the dots. 

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