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In 1997 Linde obtained her Master’s Degree in Product Design with magna cum laude. After internships at Li Edelkoort in Paris and Jorge Pensi Diseno in Barcelona she lectured at the Eindhoven Design Academy and set up her own design studio. She works for several companies as Ambiorix (leatherworks), Studio Pieter Stockmans (porselein) and Wolters (streetfurniture).
In 2007 she was presented with the Henry Van de Velde Award for Young Talent. In Januari 2020 she received an HVDV Award for the social project TEKSTIEL.
Her work usually starts from a fascination for everyday life and uses the power of unusual associations to arrive at new insights and solutions.

Chaise longue
The Chaise Longue is a realisation of 2000, but still contemporary and above all timeless. Then made as prototypes in a small edition of 12 pieces but now available again as an in-house production.

Black Bar
The black bar or censorship bar takes identity away. Anonymity is guaranteed by hiding the eyes. The opposite is the same: when only the eyes are visible, you’re unrecognizable and it often feels uncomfortable. Hiding yourself has a connotation with darkness, ugliness, evil, but also with mystery and temptation. The mirror as a symbol for identity.

You see a ladder, but that's a trap. It's the illusion of a ladder. This mirror is a visual metaphor for your own reflection. You never see yourself in the mirror; you see a reflection of yourself.
Ceci n'est pas une échelle.

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