OO-T's new immersive experience of light, sound and colour

OO-T presents the installation Arches. Colours, lights and sounds give the viewer a moment of mental and physical rest, a temporary escape from work activities.


Office of Things (OO-T), a US-based collaborative architecture and design studio, has been exploring and experimenting with interior environments and their transformation over time for many years. With a particular focus on workspaces, OO-T focuses on the concepts of living and community through the use of gestures and artistic signs in everyday places.


This is the direction of the Immersive Spaces series, a project in progress that - since 2016 - explores different working contexts and different types of rooms, created as circumscribed spaces, aimed at providing an intense immersive experience. The Immersive Spaces are installed in the offices of YouTube and Google in the Bay Area of San Francisco.


In each room, punctual use is made of colour, light and sound to recreate parallel, immersive and reflective worlds. Like the 2016 project Overworld, which won the Toronto Design Offsite Festival Awards. An installation created in a small room of a historic hotel in Toronto, which horizontally creates two atmospheres: the lower one, white and clean, and the upper one surreal, intriguing and ephemeral. 


In 2020, OO-T presents the fifth of the Immersive Spaces, called Arches. The room, thanks to the concentration of colour, light and sound, is specifically designed to provide a temporary escape from work, be it mental or physical. 




A magical experience, which although temporary, shows us the evocative power of the interiors and the clever and reasoned use of decorative elements typical of living spaces. 

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