The first European showroom of Signature Kitchen Suite opens in Milan

Tradition and innovation meet in the new experiential space designed by Calvi Brambilla, in a tribute to the city of Milan and its great design masters.


Signature Kitchen Suite, the new high-end build-in appliance brand of the LG Electronics group, has chosen Italy for its debut on the European market. At Piazza Cavour in Milan, the international design capital, the brand has opened its first showroom in Europe, offering a new reference point in the city for lovers of food, design and innovation.

We are very proud and pleased to officially launch our Signature Kitchen Suite brand in Europe, which marks the entry of LG in the world of furnishings and design. The choice of Milan is no coincidence: a city moving into the future but also connected to tradition, an international capital of style and design, in a country like Italy where the culture is closely tied to concepts of genuine food and convivial pleasures. These are values we fully embrace, as part of the DNA and philosophy of Signature Kitchen Suite”, says Heaven Lee, European President of LG Electronics.

Located in a district of the city that is a symbol of design and décor, the new showroom has an area of 1100 m2, organized on three levels. The 15 windows encourage dialogue with the outside world, creating a constant relationship with the life of the city. The context also enters the internal spaces in a metaphorical way, thanks to many items that pay homage to Milan and its great design masters.

To underline the close bond with Milan, LG has assigned the interior design of the space to one of the city’s most outstanding studios, Calvi Brambilla, summoned to interpret the relationship between tradition and innovation in the kitchen and the home, through original, unexpected solutions of architecture and design.

A combination closely connected to the True to Food philosophy of Signature Kitchen Suite, which through its range of high-performance technological appliances pays tribute to the passion for food, respecting the entire chain of production of quality, while recovering the values of the past.

The ground floor is set aside for the display of the SKS appliances, set into large sculptural stones and monoliths in pink metallized lacquer. A functioning kitchen in a minimalist style, with white grosgrain glass and pink steel borders, has been installed for cooking demonstrations.

The basement is for the LG contract operations. Monochrome domestic settings, almost like theatrical stages, display premium products of the group alongside the SKS appliances, to demonstrate LG’s ability to provide smart crossover solutions for all the areas of the home. In a tribute to the city of Milan, these settings feature only furnishings created by the great Milanese masters of design, including Castiglioni, Albini, Mangiarotti, and Caccia Dominioni.

Finally, the mezzanine level contains the Food Academy, with six cooking workstations as well as that of the chef, designed to host events, courses, encounters with producers and other initiatives to foster food culture.



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Signature Kitchen Suite Showroom
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