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The Signature Kitchen Suite collection

From refrigeration to cooking to washing: Signature Kitchen Suite presents a range of high-level products created for a new generation of modern chefs who make food their passion.

REFRIGERATION | Freshness, space and versatility.

The refrigeration line is the heart of the Signature Kitchen Suite collection: refrigerators, freezers and the Vino Cantina offer conservation prowess at the top of the category. All the appliances are built-in, flexible and ready for panelling, with stainless steel doors offered as accessories. The interiors of the refrigerators and freezers are in glass and stainless steel to guarantee maximum hygiene and conservation. The shelves are lit by the True-Illumination™ intelligent system that provides discreet, precise and never annoying lighting. Through magnetic induction, without the need for electrical wiring, each shelf has its own light and can be moved from one level to another with ease. With the Smart Control Panel, it is possible to modify and regulate all the settings: temperature, ice production, Wi-Fi connection.

The column refrigerator comes in two widths. It is equipped with a water dispenser built into the internal lateral wall, activated by pressing a lever directly with the glass, and an automatic ice-maker with a capacity of 2.3 kg of ice. The inner door balconies are light, spacious and easy to adjust, and the drawers have sealed closure to prevent dispersion and humidity.

The French Door refrigerator has a capacity of about 490 litres, divided into three zones for separate adjustment and opening. The central drawer converts for refrigeration, freezing or 0° storage, depending on needs. It too comes with a water dispenser built into the lateral wall and with an ice-maker with IcePlus function.

The freezer column, available in three widths, has an exclusive cutting-edge compressor that works silently, gauging its operation to effective needs to guarantee energy savings of up to 60% over traditional freezers. The freezers of Signature Kitchen Suite have just 1°C of variation between set temperature and effective temperature. This precise temperature control permits extremely rapid chill transfer and therefore greater efficiency.

The Vino Cantina wine cellar, in two widths, is subdivided into separately regulated zones, to conserve various types of wine at their best. The shelves in natural beech, mounted on stainless steel borders, are perfect for conservation and for the display of the bottles. The Knock Door function allows users to activate the inner lighting when choosing a wine, without opening the door and altering the internal temperature.


COOKING | Efficiency, flexibility and elegance.

The cooking equipment by Signature Kitchen Suite offers perfect allies to bring out the best in any preparation. Two oven models are available, which enhance the design of any kitchen with their clean, essential lines, with automatic opening for the handle-free doors. The line is completed by the food warmer drawer and induction hobs. All the functions can be adjusted through colour touch displays, making it possible to ascertain the best cooking methods and to constantly monitor the operation of the appliance.

The steam oven enhances the appeal of any recipe, thanks to the combination of hot air and steam. It operates at four different intensities: 100% steam, steam assist, Sous Vide and gourmet steam. Thanks to the Speed Clean function, the oven cleans itself in 10 minutes, simply with the force of steam.

The combo Speed Oven brings together traditional, steam and microwave cooking in a single product, to meet the widest range of needs. The Combi steam system gradually heats food, using both microwaves and the humid heat of steam, for perfect regeneration of dishes previously cooked.

The food warmer drawer goes perfectly with the compact oven and offers four heat settings, each for its own purpose, from leavening to delicate cooking of preparations for cakes.

The induction hob stands out for high performance and simplicity of use. It can automatically detect the point where heat is required for cooking. It has as many as 17 power levels, adjusted via touchscreen. The display for each sector also permits a choice between three pre-set programs, activation of the timer and extension of the cooking surface based on the size of the cookware. The cleaning block disactivates the area of the screen to prevent the risk of accidental activation of functions during cleaning.


WASHING | Power, silence and maximum hygiene.

The dishwasher is a concentrate of high-tech solutions, conceived to offer excellent results and simplified control of every phase, from use to maintenance. The PowerSteam technology exploits the natural force of steam for deep cleansing, with preliminary rinsing. The QuadWash feature ensures deeper cleaning thanks to water sprayed in four different directions. The Direct Drive motor guarantees maximum power and minimum noise, with 17 wash pre-sets. The Alert function prompts activation of the cleaning program after 30 cycles of use.