The revolution in workspaces signed by AD Architecture and One-Design Office

Seamless lines and colorful surfaces with Wall2Floor.


"The purpose of a revolution is not to define the end result, but to make change the way to the result" claims the Chinese designer Huson of One-Design Office studio, who collaborated with AD Architecture studio directed by Xie Peihe for the realization of Novacolor showroom in Dongguan, in Guangdong province in China.

The increasingly widespread philosophy in Chinese design world is that offices and work areas must transcend the boundaries between individuals and space, as it is necessary to humanize interiors to redefine the shape of the office space.

YISEN office, the modern working hub designed by AD Architecture, is located in a highly industrialized area nearby the mouth of Pearl River and is the result of a redevelopment project of a disused industrial area. The main goal was to turn an anonymous place into a functional work space, highly appealing for Chinese young generations.

Aiming to create a stimulating working space, free from rules, lines and boundaries, Huson chose Wall2Floor, the seamless mineral coating for walls and floors, designed and manufactured by Novacolor, leading Italian company in the decoration segment. Wall2Floor is a multi-layered system that allows to achieve jointless surfaces, perfectly in accordance with the concept of freedom that the designer wants to express in the project.

The blue shade chosen for Wall2Floor blends with the red lights and shadows of the office; colors are used to define the space and to change humans’ perceptions, creating a bright environment with a strong personality, composed by several offices-spaces that are both conceived as independent and integrated to the others.
A revolutionary project that - thanks to the use of a versatile contemporary product such as Wall2Floor, in this specific case made even more high-standing because of the electric blue shade that was chosen - modifies traditions, redefines the work space and find its balance between post-industrial and modern architecture.

Wall2Floor is a seamless mineral system for the decoration of walls and floors both indoor and outdoor. Available in 5 different versions for the specific destinations of use: Urban, Commercial, Office, Outdoor, Wellness. Wall2Floor is the ideal solution for the upgrading of abandoned areas and the renewal of daily use spaces.

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