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A set of emblematic products marks the passage of Jumbo Collection from a phase focused on the prevalence of essential lines to a New Era that sees the return to the brand’s most authentic heritage, distinguished by more decorative lines.

Pursuing such decorative approach, these exclusive Jumbo Collection previews represent a tribute to the French style of the ’600 and ’700, updated and reinterpreted according to an eclectic and dynamic approach. A selection of products that expresses the timeless elegance of the classic style, in a mix in which the richness of details in Louis XV and Louis XVI style is enhanced by the delicate and light color palettes, with ethereal and bright shades.

The classic elegance of the French style relives in all its beauty in the Lumière console and in the Boulevard coffee table: graceful and precious pieces of furniture, expression of a refined and decorative luxury.

Classicism and irony for the Pineapple side table. The naturalistic inspiration is evident in the structure, hand-carved to obtain the typical scaly effect of the pineapple peel, which lends a playful and fun note to a solemn and precious piece of furniture.

Finally, the elegance of the capitonné manufacturing is the distinctive element of the Tulipe armchair and of Grand Armée, a sofa with soft shapes and decorative fringes.

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