The Piranesi Experience: cinematographic architects.


In one of the many wonderful shots of Bajkonur, Terra we can read “Raise your head“ next to Yuri Gagarin's face. The inscription appears in the settlement of Bajkonur, a former Soviet and now Russian space base in the heart of Kazakhstan, where everything – even faith – seems to turn to the skies and the exploration of space.

“As an architect, making a movie that puts places at the core of the story has always been my dream” – says Claudio Esposito, producer of the film – “and I thank the director Andrea Sorini for imagining it and my partner in this complex production adventure Andrea Gori (Lumen Films)”.

Bajkonur, Terra is a softly surreal documentary with a visual style strongly inspired by Luigi Ghirri's work. The first feature film produced by The Piranesi Experience, an independent film production company founded in 2014 by Claudio Esposito, Fabio Paolucci and other former students of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

“In these early years, we have worked on a double track,” says Claudio Esposito. “On the one hand, the commissions received from architects and construction companies that gave us the opportunity to film the architecture of Zaha Hadid, Cino Zucchi, Giovanni Vaccarini and Renzo Piano. On the other, a constant investment in original content. Obviously the beginning was a documentary and many short films, but we soon hope to move on to seriality: we are in fact working on the first Italian climate-fiction series, based on the novel Cosmica by Daniela De Francesco and directed by Lorenzo Corvino”.


We are happy to host Piranesi Experience's work on Fuorisalone TV from 15 to 21 June 2020 with the films Deep into the surface and Superficie Tessuto Corpo

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