ECOPIXEL presents ECOPIXEL AUDIO: products that utilize a new sound-absorbing material made from recycled plastics.

ECOPIXEL is known since 2017 for developing recycled plastic materials used in design & internal architecture fields. In their continuous research for new materials from waste plastics, ECOPIXEL recently developed a new range of materials based on a multiple-layer concept. With multiple layer materials, it is possible to create a single material that deliberately builds up in different layers. Different layers with different densities or even with different structural qualities can be combined. This creates among many possibilities also the possibility to deliberately create a sound-absorbing material in one and the same material. Due to a softer roughly shaped inner layer and a higher densified “stiffer” outer layer, new material was created with high sound-absorbing capacity. The ECOPIXEL “audio” material showed to be ideal for loudspeakers enclosures especially since ECOPIXEL can be shaped in any design, often including all detailing needed to meet all acoustical requests. Together with Sound Engineer Joseph Szall, Italo/Hungarian specialist, the ECOPIXEL “AUDIO” material was especially tested on loudspeaker enclosures resulting in truly interesting research leading to a spherical-speaker project.


Ghetto Blaster by Ecopixel is a high quality vented Bluetooth stereo speaker offering top-quality sound in a stylish, portable “home” speaker system. In this first edition, ECOPIXEL chose for a simple Bluetooth receiver in order to enjoy music in high quality “without instructions”.

Using state of the art, latest generation, Italian-made coaxial speaker-units, featuring neodymium 1,5” treated silk dome-tweeters and 5,5” rubber surround double asymmetric damped cone woofer (DAR), a frequency response from 70Hz to well over 20Khz was achieved. The incredibly clean bass response was obtained thanks to the ECOPIXEL “AUDIO” material enclosure that with very little extra sound absorbing material translates the electrical input into a warm but firm and clean bass-sound.

Special STEREO sound

Separated calculated vented pipes for DX and SX channel point in both directions, as well as DX and SX speakers, point to opposite directions creating special stereo effects playing with various wall-reflection possibilities. The specially developed 6/12dB crossover filter divides woofer from tweeter at 3.500Hz. The cylindrical-enclosure integrates a handle.

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