Alexander Marinus

Alexander Marinus
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Selected by Salone Satellite 2020

Alexander Marinus (°1992) is a multidisciplinary designer with a strong interest in the relationship between culture, society and nature. He strives to bring them together in his body of work, which encompasses material research, textile design, photography, film and writing.  Marinus graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017 and is currently based in his hometown Brussels. 
His project ‘Hey Jute’, showcases the benefits of the raw fibre. Jute is the second most cultivated textile fibre in the world. Yet, we do not make use of its full potential, as industrial processing and application destroy its natural qualities. Alexander Marinus creates interior textiles to showcase the benefits of the raw fibre: length (between two to five metres), strength and lustre. When the raw material has so much to offer, it’s time more people wake up to its value.
A fine carpet is constructed by stitching raw jute fibre together, conserving the length of the plant material and highlighting its natural lustre. 
Upholstered stools and a non-woven carpet incorporate felted jute – an alternative treatment that keeps the strength and length intact, and for which the designer developed his own tools and working process. 

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