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Norwegian Presence: Exhibition and Webinar

Norwegian Presence is delighted to present the digital version of this year’s exhibition – A dialogue on innovation in the design and production process.

Norwegian Presence is back for a sixth year, bringing the best of Norway’s creative talent to the world design stage. Together, we shine a spotlight on the designers and manufacturers blazing a trail in the realms of circular production and sustainable design thinking.

The curatorial team, Marit Haugen from Oslo-based architects Haugen/Zohar and Benedicte Sunde of DOGA (aka Design and Architecture Norway), has selected 10 of the nation’s designers who are developing intriguing new applications for natural lower-carbon materials such as wood, aluminium, stone and paper.

Handpicked and followed closely over the year as their prototypes evolved, these designers have been selected for their unique perspectives on the new aesthetic of sustainability; the honesty of their materials.

The furniture and interior industries in Norway are leading the way in terms of sustainable and ethical production. Many manufacturers have adopted the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), developed by The Federation of Norwegian Industries, and more will follow.  Seven of these environmentally conscious manufacturers have been selected to participate in Norwegian Presence.

It is our hope that the rest of the world finds as much inspiration in them as we do.

Webinar with Snøhetta: Past, Present and Future Design Prosesses

We are happy to announce the webinar with Snøhetta's Senior Interior Architect BFA (ides) Peter Girgis the 22nd of June at 15:00.

Peter Girgis from Snøhetta will speak about his experience working with clients such as Aesop and the craftsman of the furniture at Under, the underwater restaurant in Lindesnes, Norway. Through his lecture, Peter will shed light on his vision for the future of retail and interior architecture, including how architects, interior architects and designers can start working more sustainably by using locally-sourced resources and materials and by collaborating with local manufacturers.

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