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Carvico SpA

Carvico Lifestyle tells about the multi-functional logic of design: a new way to conceive spaces and furniture.

We are talking about a collection of hi-tech fabrics for interior design: stretch, versatile, soft, adaptable, lightweight, strong, colorful and easy to wash which can ensure comfort, quality and eco-sustainability.

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The evolution of the concept of classic

We have witnessed to an evolution of the concept of classic: rigidity and immobility are replaced by new ideas and the most diverse functions. Priorities have changed, we have a higher demand for sustainable products, light and “green” elements. Shapes have got rounder and softer and new comfort zones are created. Boundaries between inside and outside have been pulled down. A new concept of acoustic and sensorial wellbeing has been revealed.

Carvico fabrics have been designed as a prompt response to what is no longer only a trend but a new reality affecting our homes, our work environment and public spaces, as well.

The performance fabrics

Carvico performance fabrics have been at the service of fashion and sport for over 50 years, now, and have become the undisputed protagonists of the most ambitious design projects. After having been famous worldwide for their ability in dressing the body without constraining it, now they have become the perfect ingredient for dressing interior design elements. Carvico Lifestyle fabrics offer countless options for the creativity of designers, architects and artists.  They will suit even the most innovative projects designed to appeal thanks to their elegance and style.


3d textures, matt and glossy surfaces, performance velvets; they are all available in a wide range of trendy and vintage colors for easy-to-customize solutions.



Address and contacts

Via Don A. Pedrinelli, 96
24030 – Carvico (BG) Italia

Ph. +39 035 780 505

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