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Agape 12 represents the perfect synthesis between design space and privileged showcase for some of the most significant brands of contemporary design.

Year after year Agape 12 has expanded and strengthened its expertise in supporting and following interior projects, from the most linear to the most complex, in the various areas: residential, public, high-end contract.

Furthermore, the passion in researching and selecting brands that are sometimes exclusive or emerging to propose solutions that are always original and qualitatively flawless remains constant.

In the store, renovated under the artistic direction of Camilla Benedini and recent sales management by Zenucchi Arredamento, the partners who for several years have shared Agape12's philosophy and design for living are reconfirmed.

The new setting is configured as a tale between beauty and function: the new Minimum collection by Gypsum, three-dimensional effect tiles in Cementobasic®, the tailor-made KU45 kitchen by Key cucine where the protagonist is marble,  the new Mist, Sticks e P-saico surfaces of Mosaico+, the oak tile floor with a Scandinavian flavor by CP Parquet, the technical area by Antrax IT and the space dedicated to wellness by Effe. 

Agape, in an original setting that is inspired by the mood of the recently renovated site, which incorporates the tones and designs created by the illustrator Marta Lonardi, presents an evolution of the Ell top system and proposes, underlining the sartorial spirit and unrepeatable of Agape 12, a "capsule collection" of furniture in shades of green. The same happens for Agapecasa which introduces some marble tables with truly unique sizes.

The renewal also marks the entry as technical partner of Ingo Maurer who chooses Milan and Agape 12 to tell about some of the special projects created by the great designer in many years of activity.

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28-30 September 2020
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28th September - 10th October Mon-Sun 10 am - 20 pm

Press Day 28th-29th September 10 am - 7 pm

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