According to Carl Hansen & Søn the iconic design is a combination of simplicity, aesthetics and functionality, which comes to life thanks to a skillful manifacture of top quality materials.

For over 100 years the Danish brand has specialized in offering excellence in the craft production of furniture, transforming innovative design projects into reality.

The company's history began in 1908, when cabinetmaker Carl Hansen decided to open a small furniture store on the Danish island of Funen. Since then, the company's success has been based on two key aspects: the absolute commitment to top quality craftsmanship and the collaboration with exceptional designers, who constantly reinterpret and perfect the concept of modern design.

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MO Series

How can I create the simplest design? Mads Odgård asks himself this question every time he sits down to design a new product: the new MO Series is Carl Hansen & Søn's first collaboration with Danish designer Mads Odgård. The design process resulted in the easily recognizable and simple shaped-lamps, which symbolize comfort.

Based on a research project with the University of Aalborg and the DTU, through which the designer has learned that light makes people feel safe, the lamps create a sense of comfort, illuminating the room. The simple shapes allow the high quality to shine through. Thanks to their appearance the lamps match in the most natural way the other Carl Hansen & Søn's furniture collections .




CH24 Limited Edition

Carl Hansen & Søn presents a unique and original edition of its iconic chair: the CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner  will be available in 5 colourful and exclusive Soft lacquered variants.

This edition highlights the numerous possibilities offered by the Wishbone Chair. There are 5 new colours for this 1950s design-icon: Soft Black, Soft Gray, Soft White, Soft Red, Soft Green. The Soft lacquering, unique in its kind, emphasizes a tactile perception of total softness and gives the surface a more visible chromaticity.

This limited edition will be available from March 15th to December 31st 2020. 

BM0865 Daybed

Carl Hansen & Søn presents a restful product, the new BM0865 Daybed, designed by Børge Mogensen in response to 1950s hectic lifestyles and shown for the first time in 1958. Mogensen continued to develop the design even in the following years, so the design exists in different variants. Carl Hansen & Søn has chosen to focus on its versatility, creating this multifunctional version: cylindrical headrests and armrests, rectangular back pillows and a soft cushion which ensure an extremely physical comfort. The simple yet considered design of this daybed gives at the mere sight a sense of relax. 

Originally created in dialogue with the BM0488 Table Bench, the daybed forms part of Mogensen’s ‘building furniture’ concept, through which he designed enduring furniture that could be added to and adapted over time in response to changing needs and living situations. This way of thinking is evident in the BM0865 Daybed’s ability to stand alone as main piece of furniture of the room or to be grouped together with other pieces. Thanks to its equal suitability, it fits perfectly in living room and bedroom .

BM0488 Table Bench

Carl Hansen & Søn presents a versatile and carefully crafted furniture item by Børge Mogensen – the BM0488 Table Bench. Shown for the first time at the 1958, it is being relaunched as part of a growing collection of the renowned Danish architect and designer’s work.

Originally created to complement the BM0865 Daybed, this multi-functional piece with woven detailing forms part of Mogensen’s ‘building furniture’ concept, enduring furniture that could be adapted over time in response to changing needs. It is an independent furniture piece, which can stand alone or be part of different indoor environments, creating a calm environment that exudes wellbeing wherever it is placed.

CH78 “Mama Bear” Lounge Chair

Carl Hansen & Søn presents another chair from the hand of the legendary furniture designer Hans J. Wegner. It is the CH78 lounge chair, which was first displayed in 1954 and remains still relevant today, thanks to the designer’s ability to combine aesthetics and functionality and create timeless furnishings.

The CH78, which was nicknamed “Mama Bear”, is a “light” lounge chair with a solid upholstered frame and an organic expression. Its angled legs give the seat a relaxed and stable look, and the upwards-angled arm rests topped with delicately moulded, solid wood add a dynamic and inviting expression. With CH78, Hans J. Wegner created a comfortable chair with a distinctive visual identity, which, despite its lightness, offers a warm embrace.


CH78 will be available in stores from September 2020.

BM0253 Shelving system

Carl Hansen & Søn expands its Børge Mogensen collection with a flexible bookshelf and storage system that has never been in production before. In collaboration with Børge Mogensen's family, Carl Hansen & Søn has given life to the furniture designer's forgotten drawings. The result is an expandable shelving system, originally designed in 1953, that can be rebuilt, built on and adapted to individual needs and changing room sizes.

This useful piece of furniture invites individual personalisation, exactly as Børge Mogensen intended it. As a matter of fact, its veneered shelves of varying sizes and the cabinet modules can be combined according to oneself's wish, using a frame made of cylindrical metal bars of different lengths. In addition, the blend of open and closed modules creates a rhythmic and transparent expression.

The shelving system will be available in stores from September 2020.

Outdoor Collection

Carl Hansen & Søn expands its collection of outdoor furniture with a set created by one of the most iconic Danish furniture designers. Mogensen's functionalist mentality is expressed through every detail of the table and benches, created to bring together family and friends. After use, they can be folded down to occupy a little space. Børge Mogensen was a fully functionalist.

The table and benches are the symbol of a simple and precise design, with wooden slats that give these elements a welcoming appearance. The combination of table and benches invites people to be together side by side and to enjoy the company outdoors; thanks to the narrow frame, nobody will be hindered by the table legs. When summer comes to an end, the benches and table can be easily folded and locked in place thanks to the stainless steel screws.

Deck Chair Series

The Deck Chair series by Børge Mogensen was originally designed by the Danish designer for his balcony in the late 1960s - simply because he needed an outdoor furniture that was functional, comfortable and that took up as little space as possible.

The Deck Chair series consists of a deck chair with cushion and footrest, a coffee table, a tray, a dining table with matching chairs and a wall structure. The collection was originally designed to meet Mogensen's need to have a series of comfortable, functional and space-saving furnishings for his own balcony. At that time, the furnishings were made of untreated beech and ash and they were light and foldable. Today, Carl Hansen & Søn is relaunching this concept of furniture carefully studied with an untreated teak version and with FSC® certification. Teak is a strong and resistant wood, with a high oil content, which implies a high resistance to sudden changes in weather conditions and extreme durability.

Entry rules

Carl Hansen & Søn presents its new collections, in which classic and contemporary meet, defining a fascinating dialogue of shapes and materials.

The event will be held at the Flagship Store in Milan (Foro Bonaparte 18A, corner via Arco, MM2 Lanza or MM1 Cairoli), with the participation of Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of the company, and the designer Rikke Frost who will show the new Sideways Sofa. For the occasion, two different meetings are planned:

Press Meeting - from 10.00 to 11.00

Architects and Dealers Meeting - from 16.00 to 17.00 

The Flagship Store will also be open for those interested from 11.00 to 20.00, upon notice of the time of participation.

For organizational reasons, given the limited places and in order to ensure compliance with the current provisions on health, it is necessary to confirm your participation (providing a telephone number) by email at (for the media) and at (for architects, dealers and figures in the sector).

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