"PIXEL DREAM" by Hiroto Yoshizoe X Uranographia

A limited-time light installation inspired by the landscape of Shanghai
Hiroto Yoshizoe
The event belongs to
Fuorisalone Japan


1st, June 2020 - mid, October 2020

Hiroto Yoshizoe Studio X Uranographia

Client: Lakeville
Produce by Sage House
Design & Direction by Hiroto Yoshizoe Studio 
Sound & Video Direction by Uranographia

Special Thanks
Manage by Maho Takahashi
Code-a-Machine Shin-ichiro Masui
Sage House Zheli Chen
To-hoku shigyosya


The exhibition has opened in Shanghai.
This exhibition is located in The Lakeville, a residence brand under construction in Shanghai's Xintiandi district, and will be exhibited for a limited period of six months. This is an experimental exhibition held in the gallery. A contemporary artist Shunsuke Watanabe and I was working under the production name of Uranographia and Hiroto Yoshizoe Studio, respectively.

Initially, the plan was to stay in Shanghai for a long period of time to work on the exhibition, but unfortunately, due to the effects of the corona virus, the work had to be done from a remote location.
Everything from architectural direction to construction of the exhibition, and to holding the exhibition was done remotely between Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

*This exhibition is by appointment only.

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Particles of Light in the Shanghai Landscape

Created for the residency brand The Lakeville for a limited time The installation "PIXEL DREAM". This project focuses on the elements of "water" and "light and shadow" which are very important in human life. 


The project was directed and designed by Hiroto Yoshizoe Studio and the production team Uranographia, led by the Japanese contemporary artist Shunsuke Watanabe. The water images with different variations are created by the Uranopgraphia, and new landscape is created by multiprojecting them onto a giant screen of PIXEL, a representative work of the spatial designer Hiroto Yoshizoe.


Water is an essential part of people's lives, and no matter where you are on the planet, you can touch it. Water is a fundamental material that can change expression by itself in various ways depending on the city, and is close to people's memories. Uranographia has created a series of six multi-video works, recalling the landscape of Shanghai.


On the other hand, PIXEL, which is one of Hiroto Yoshizoe's representative works, was created from his own childhood memories. The light from the TV screen that he forgot to turn off is reflected on the white ceiling, and the memory of the scenery created by the beautiful light is still a powerful mental image for Hiroto.


PIXEL was created in 2007 when Hiroto was a student, and in 2017,  New PIXEL was announced in the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD, a international design competition held by the Japanese car brand LEXUS. PIXEL has continued to develop over time, starting with a concept model to explore its potential as a building material. The fundamental concept of the continuity of materials and the reflection and transmission of light is inspired by bricks and traditional Japanese shoji screens. The aim of the project is to set a new standard for materials.


For the Lakeville Project he used paper, one of the materials he has been exploring, to create a new design. This is the PIXEL for the year 2020. The huge screen, which is 5 meters wide and 4 meters high, is made up of only paper and does not use any glue at all and consists only of paper bites. After the exhibition is over, all the components can be disassembled and reused.


We wanted to present in this exhibition the observation of water as a formless element, the continuity of PIXEL (element/particles), and the process of extracting the light and shadow that exist in the world. 
This installation is the awareness itself of the beauty and possibilities of the fundamental things that goes along with human life.

Address and contacts

The Lakeville

Xintiandi district, Shanghai, China