Interview with Caroline Naphegyi

Caroline Naphegyi - Director of Lille Design and Programs director for Lille Metropole World Design Capital 2020
The event belongs to
Design français à Milan

Lille Metropole is the World Design Capital 2020. At the basis of that, lies Lille Metropole’s pioneering design approach ; which is driven by the desire to transform and redefine our heritage. 

Lille Metropole’s region is in a state of flux, resolutely turned towards the future. And in the running up to this WDC it has mobilized all of its forces as part of a cooperative project targeting transformation and the invention of new models.

Design is a tool of empathy and action. It engages in a new form of collective and practical experimentation. Projects from Lille Métropole 2020, World Design Capital have paved the way for the region to be progressing towards an economy that is more creative, more frugal in its consumption of resources, more responsible and more collaborative. 

Their aim is to make this Euro-metropolis the world’s greatest collaborative design agency. Lille Metropole will be deploying a design approach on a massive scale, covering an area with 2.2 million inhabitants. Central to this are the POC, more than 600 projects experimenting with the idea of designing together, where the process is as important as the final result.

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