Interview with Catherine Geel

Catherine Geel _ historian, project director, artistic director, editor
Catherine Geel
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Design français à Milan

Catherine Geel is a professor at the French National Schools of Art, and teaches history and theory of design at ENSAD Nancy, ENS Paris-Saclay, and Sciences Po Paris. She is an associate researcher at the Centre de recherche en design (ENS Paris-Saclay -Ensci-Les Ateliers), and a member of scientific committees or councils (bilingual Franco-Swiss research journal Raddar, scientific council of the Cité du design etc.). 


She founded T&P Work UNit, a work unit on texts and projects in design, with Marie Lejault, and Sophie Breuil. 


In 2019, Catherine Geel is curator of the French pavilion at the Milan Design Triennial. In September 2019, she is the author of Les Grands textes du design commentés par Catherine Geel... (Paris: IFM/Regard), Extended French Theory and the Design Field...On Nature and Ecology. A Reader (T&P Work Unit) and Staatliches Bauhaus cent pour cent, with 50 French contributors (designers, graphic artists, theorists etc.).

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