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NikolaTesla Flame

Unique and revolutionary, NikolaTesla Flame is the first GAS extractor fan hob on the market

Born from Elica's strong drive to achieve seemingly impossible goals, NikolaTesla Flame is an incredible synthesis of technology and design capable of combining the tradition of the burner with the innovation of an integrated extraction system in a single product.  The challenge was finding the right balance between providing the comfort of cooking over a flame and using the most cutting-edge designs with regards to extraction.

Four burners of various sizes, one of which is DUAL, whose double crown with independent ignition for the smallest burner also enables the use of small diameter pots, such as moka coffee pots. A perfect combination for all types of cooking, without sacrificing the best extraction performance and removal of smoke and odours that only Elica extraction systems can guarantee.

The product design harmoniously integrates technology and functionality. The strong and elegant character is expressed through the choice of materials: tempered glass in shades of black or grey combined with cast iron for the most functional elements. In order to simplify cleaning and maintenance, all cast iron components are removable and washable.

Thanks to ergonomic knobs the interaction with both the burners and the extraction is simple and immediate. The latter is electronically controlled via  DIRECT CONTROL, a continuous rotary control.

Thanks to the MULTI FLEXI SPACE function, Elica guarantees more space available both in length and width, for maximum freedom of movement even when using multiple large pots at the same time.

A practical cast iron worktop allows you to always have tools and ingredients at hand. The  Wok support, available as an accessory, helps to stabilise this type of pan with a rounded bottom on the hob, guaranteeing perfectly safe cooking and improving smoke extraction.

Maintenance of the LONG-LIFE HIGH-PERFORMANCE FILTERS is made extremely easy, as they can be removed from the top. This patented filter system is suitable for even the most challenging cooking, given its high capacity to reduce odours. The new Elica technology can reach filtration thresholds higher than 80%, compared to the market average of 60%. The filter can be regenerated for up to 5 years.

NikolaTesla Flame ensures a totally safe cooking experience: if liquid should accidentally fall into the extraction nozzle, a special internal valve discharges of it, to ensure maximum hygiene for your kitchen.




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