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NikolaTesla Libra

NikolaTesla Libra is revolutionary three times over: it cooks, extracts smoke and weighs ingredients.

NikolaTesla Libra combines three appliances in one: induction hob, extraction system and scales. Elica introduces a revolution in the kitchen, making the preparation of every recipe easier and quicker. In fact, by placing the pot in a way to activate the function, it is possible to weigh your ingredients directly inside it at any temperature level, adding them one at a time during the cooking phases. The scales fitted with the "Tare" weight function allow you to weigh the elements one at a time, starting from zero each time a new one is added. It is also equipped with a control that allows you to use it even when the product is switched off. In standby mode, it becomes completely invisible, showing the hob in all its elegance.

At the centre of the black glass hob is the elegant cast-iron grate, which gives the product a professional look and conceals the powerful extractor fan centre with the ability to collect smoke at a significantly higher rate than it rises. High efficiency and minimum sound.

Thanks to the innovative AUTOCAPTURE function, you can stay totally focused on your recipe: NikolaTesla Libra will independently set the extraction power according to what you are cooking, obtaining the best balance between quietness, extraction effectiveness and energy efficiency.

NikolaTesla Libra also has four cooking zones with the latest generation of induction systems and is equipped with a DOUBLE BRIDGE ZONE that allows two adjacent zones to work in a combined way so as not to compromise the uniformity of food cooking even when using large pots.

The NikolaTesla ALL-IN-ONE TOUCH CONTROL interface is extremely intuitive to use thanks to a single control panel that can control both the 4 induction zones and the air extraction system with just one touch.

The new aesthetic ensures maximum ease of cleaning of both the glass top and the cast-iron grate.

Maintenance of the LONG-LIFE HIGH-PERFORMANCE FILTERS is made extremely easy, as they can be removed from the top. This patented filter system is suitable for even the most challenging cooking, given its high capacity to reduce odours. The new Elica technology can reach filtration thresholds higher than 80%, compared to the market average of 60%. The filter can be regenerated for up to 5 years.

NikolaTesla Libra ensures a totally safe cooking experience: if liquid should accidentally fall into the extraction nozzle, a special internal valve discharges of it, to ensure maximum hygiene for your kitchen.

NikolaTesla Libra is dedicated to those who love to cook, integrating all the tools that allow you to express your creativity during the preparation of dishes in a harmonious design. Available in extractor and filter versions finished in black or white tempered glass combined with cast iron.  


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