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Fabian Bolliger
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My name is Fabian Bolliger and I’m from Baden, in Switzerland.

I spend a lot of my free time sketching and making Designer furniture and paintings

I have always wondered why I do this. And then I found the answer. Plain and simple: It gives me great pleasure and I'm good at it.

To be able to work with my hands and at the end of the day be able to see the results of my work, that's what I wanted. That's how I got into carpentry. Even then I was fascinated by the texture of wood and how well it can be processed. How it can be combined with other materials, how you can create simple elegance or abstract forms.

As a carpenter you work to plan. You have to work precisely and keep to deadlines. But how i said, you work to a plan. It was clear to me pretty soon that I don't want to be limited by plans all my life. The art of carpentry offers an almost infinite range of creative possibilities. The desire for independence was born.

But first I packed my bags and set off on my first long journey abroad. During these months I learned a lot about the arts and crafts of other cultures, was able to talk about them with many people and started to deal with art.

I was impressed how artists all over the world express their thoughts and feelings with their art. Back home I tried to capture these impressions and my thoughts in a painting.

That’s how I started to combine my paintings and my furniture. Bring them together to create a unique piece with its own story. Playful art that meets design, quality and practicality. Always with the aim of perfection and individuality, so that the new owner gets the perfect piece of furniture for himself.

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