Designers Fabian Bolliger

Art and Design or Art Design?
This is probably the most important question and was the beginning of my path as furniture
designer and artist.
My name is Fabian Bolliger, born 1995 in Baden Switzerland. Building a bridge between solid
craIsmanship and fine art is what I‘m doing. The result: unique pieces of art allowing a daily use.
To be able to fuse a piece of furniture with a painting and in this way share stories, feelings and
experiences is what drives me and what I am really good at. With a unique and very own
technique of using varnish, I give each piece of furniture its own style, which is underlined by a
very modern design. Always with the aim of perfec;on, individuality, best quality and newest
In this way, I give each piece of furniture its own character and soul.

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Hirschlistrasse 6, 5400 Baden Switzerland

Nation: Switzerland
Birth date: 12/01/1995
(29 years old)
+41 76 442 72 25
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