Hind Rabii

Hind Rabii
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Belgium is Design

Tthis is not a sundial, even if it mess with light.
The process in fact is inverse: here the light is not the means, but the purpose, a great disk like the sun and hidden behind a big clock hand or what it seems like, a gentle, not blinding light.
Designed by Chiaramonte marin studio

Created from the desire to create an object of fluid, curved forms, T-COTTA is the fruit of the union of materials, both of which come from earth, both are worked by man and both forged by heat.
Designed by Chiaramonte Marin Studio

Forms free from the restrictive tenets of fashion, for now there are three, expressing themselves as mischievous yet aware of their formal presence. YA-YA is mischievous and ironic, its dual personality endearing.
Designed by HIND RABII


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