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Shizuka Tatsuno Studio presenta una selezione di lavori al Fuorisalone Digital 2020
Shizuka Tatsuno Studio
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Shizuka Tatsuno è Direttore Creativo e Product Designer presso il Shizuka Tatsuno Studio Inc.

Giapponese di nascita, dopo aver conseguito la laurea in Product and Furniture presso la Kingston University di Londra, Shizuka ha acquisito esperienza nel settore e ha fondato il suo studio di design Shizuka Tatsuno Studio Inc. Con un'attenzione particolare alla progettazione di mobili, interni e accessori di moda, fornisce vari servizi di progettazione, regia e design grafico tra le altre aree.

Con l'aspirazione di aggiungere visibilità e sostenibilità alle cose ben fatte, Shizuka è attualmente impegnata nel making-of-things con le industrie locali, applicando i suoi principi di "raffinare la qualità, vivere la storia e trasmetterla". Shizuka ha ricevuto numerosi premi, tra cui il premio Elle Décor Japan Young Japanese Design Talent Prize nel 2016.

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Just leave your drinking water for a day in our Bizen ware “hiiro” water jug and enjoy an ever smoother drinking water.
Imagine the richness of life and make your daily drinking water even more delicious! There is an old Japanese saying that goes like this “water does not spoil in Bizen ware water jugs”.
“hiiro” comes in a modern 2 color design with a plane trimmed shape rarely seen in Bizen ware and its atmosphere will make you feel nature in a simple and refreshing way.

“The characteristic of Bizen-yaki (Bizen ware) made in Bizen, Okayama is that it is fired unglazed without any painting. I was impressed by its functionality that it already has: It can make the water tastes mild when stored in it for 24 hours. So I designed a water carafe. I added organic feel to the product by adding small detail like its scratched-like texture created by mixing gravel with the clay.”

Client : DAIKURA


Ryu Kyu Iro

Accessory made with Ryukyu glass, encapsulating natural elements of Okinawa with its gentle island breeze.
Ever transient, the beautiful ocean and forests of Okinawa.
We wanted to capture the nature of Okinawa and wrap it gently with its island breeze. “Ryu Kyu Iro” contains nature’s strength and sophistication, and of course, beauty.

“It is said that one of Okinawa’s crafts, Ryuku glass, was first created for daly products like lump shades and medicine bottles in the Meiji Era. We designed accessories with simple shapes that are inspired by the Okinawan people’s lifestyle and how they respect nature.”



KORAI – Tea Set 

“KORAI” is a brand of Japanese crafts which is dedicated to cities around the world. It is produced by HULS, a company which supports overseas business of Japanese crafts. This brand is aimed at conveying through craft products across Japan, the beautiful form and texture of these crafts and to express the harmony such as between “inside and outside” or “nature and home” which prevail in the Japanese culture.
Like the “engawa” (veranda) in Japanese-style houses, which brings coolness of nature into the home, we believe this same concept will bring comfort to the mind and body of people who lives in restless cities.
Based on this concept of “coolness in summer”, “KORAI” delivers a cool and comfortable time to the city life.

On a bright summer day with the sunlight streaming in, enjoy a pleasant time gathering around your favourite sweets, fruits and cold drinks. The first collection from KORAI provides a tea set filled with refreshing air.

Client : HULS Inc.



“Ren” is a wooden mobile . “Ren” is an art piece that reflects the ripple on the surface of the water and light filtering through the trees by incorporating elements of Japanese original fittings such as shoji (room divider screen made of translucent paper and wooden lattice frames) and fusuma. By placing the wooden art piece indoors, people can sense the beautiful light that filters through between the carefully assembled wooden bars, and enjoy the beautiful shade of nature in the house.

Client : HULS Inc.


Hydrangea – Water Vessel

A water vessel made from handblown glass. This is a representation of the concept of “senseware” by “KORAI”. It is named after the Greek word which means water vessel. This senseware allows us to feel the wind and the light in our daily living similar to the water bowl which is often placed in a Japanese garden. By filling the vessel with water and setting it by the window, it reflects wavering water ripples on the surface it sits on and creates a pleasant time in tune with the change of nature.

Wares that trigger human sensitivity and open the doors to new senses. We call this “senseware”. It
is our desire to introduce a novel way to feel the presence of wind, water and light, through craft
products. Our senseware which we had accomplished takes the form of a cool looking art piece that
will breathe new life into our daily living which goes with the flow of nature’s constant change.

Client :


KORAI – KORO Paper Weight

Takaoka copperware paper weight. Made of solid brass, the organic shapes are molded from actual pebbles found along the riverside bringing nature’s healing touch into the space. The surface is carefully polished to give a pleasant touch.

Client : HULS Inc.



HAQUA is a new style of fashion tattoo accessory that can be applied easily with water.
The design concept is based on “haku (film) + aqua“.
With its fine and elegant designs, wearing a HAQUA gives a woman a kind of sophisticated sparkle.
The simple design can be used like jewelry in any season.
Its seal form lets you arrange it however you want: as a bracelet, anklet, ring, or other accessory.
It produces a feeling of casual elegance suitable for all kinds of situations.

“The design concept is "箔 (haku) + 水 (aqua)," (meaning "foil + water" in Japanese). With the characteristic of this jewelry as a "foil that you wear in water," I designed the piece with the transparent qualities of the foil and water in mind.
At times one goes out in pin heels, or in flat shoes to walk actively; another day one might be feeling a little melancholic, or one might be thinking of putting flowers in their such daily lives of women, I aimed for a subtle piece of jewelry that will bring light to their lives.
Its delicate design connects to its feeling of transience, giving the user an impression of elegance.
I've given thought into the design for the patterns as well, avoiding over glamourising so that one can wear it with other accessories, and coordinate it with the other patterns in the HAQUA line as well.”

Client : Washin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


mg&gk – porcelain for financier & tea

mg&gk is an Arita-yaki brand that celebrates little joy of mogumogu (munching) and gokugoku (drinking).
“porcelain for financier and tea” is specially made for you to have precious relaxing time and enjoy small sweets with a big cup of tea. Products are hand-painted one by one with special care.

Paintings are based on Kissho monyo, or Japanese traditional auspicious motifs, such as nami (wave), shippo (seven treasures), and asanoha (hemp leaves). You can enjoy individually hand-painted motifs that have soft and lively nuance.

“The motif of mg&gk is painted with the blue pigment called gosu, which is most often used in Arita-yaki. We take great care of each brush stroke using light shades that bring liveliness of the pattern, create soft impressions, and go well with any kind of food. This requires a complex shades adjustment technique that only veteran craftsmen can handle. They apply each brush stroke imagining our customers who use our products in their relaxing moments.”

Client : Keizan


Andon Tray

Designer tray with Japanese paper lamps in mind.
Featuring a reversible function, this versatile tray may be placed on sofas or carry small snacks on the reverse side. Use it on ordinary days as well as on special occasions, the tray will enliven what you choose to place on top.

Leif. Designpark Co., Ltd.



"sou" is a small-sized blown glassworks hand made in Toyama. Sou glassware is designed to create a seamless gradation of colour between layers. The properly adjusted height and depth of each glass makes it suitable for kitchen use such as a cooking aid or as a table piece to the dining table. In addition, the sou glass can also be used as a container of accessories.

Client: Toyama Design Center (Japan)
*As part of Toyama Design Wave workshop



948 (ku-sha) is a delicate, lace-like paper. While it makes a beautiful decoration as an intricate
see-through lace, this paper exhibits a completely different quality when crushed into a ball.
This product can be used in a variety of ways, from interior decoration to cushioning material
for gift wrapping. Whether crushed into a ball or with light filtering through, its beautiful color
gradation is designed to always stand out. We invite you to find your own way of enjoying this product.

Client : Fukunaga Print Co., Ltd.



The plates are a new addition to “hyakushiki” series, a product line of free spirited Urushi-glassware, which redefines conventional perception of lacquer by adorning sumptuous elegance of Kiso lacquer on refreshingly transparent glass wares. The artisans use brush strokes to paint the glassware, forming a unique texture of lacquer and glass for a rare experience. Patterns of water ripples are used as its motif.

“I learned that the making of lacquer glass (Urushi glass) using Kiso lacquerware (Kiso Sikki) techniques began about 20 years ago. I designed a plate that has a unique depth using transparent and non-transparent textures of Urushi glass. Each plate is hand-painted by craftsmen, and this attractive technique can create a unique piece that becomes something you cherish.”

Client : Maruyoshi Kosaka Wood & Urushi Works