We are the iluTex team and together we have formed an interdisciplinary research team that deals with the development and innovation of textile structures. Since 2015 we have been working on the development of innovative textile building envelopes that combine energy efficiency and impressive modern design. Think of it as a T-shirt that you can pull over any existing building without affecting the general building structure. The problem with existing textile facade systems is that the material structure has not changed for 30 years. We asked ourselves: Why?

When you look at great fashion designers, you get a different collection every 6 months. The members of our project team brought together all the necessary skills to solve this problem. Jan Serode, M.Sc. in architecture, is doing his doctorate at the RWTH Aachen, Germany, and is passionately researching new concepts for textile building facades. Vadim Tenner, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, is also working on his doctoral thesis at the RWTH Aachen University with a focus on printed electronics and functional coatings on fabric materials. His passion is to make conventional products intelligent. Hanne-Louise Johannesen, Mag.Art. in Art History, and Michel Guglielmi, Dipl.-Architect, founders of Diffus Design Aps, Copenhagen, have a passion for developing innovative textile products, including Smart Textiles.

Together we have developed our latest innovation: The illuminated textile facade named iluTex. The idea itself is as fascinating as it is simple. The textile membrane is combined with a light-emitting coating that stores natural solar energy during the day and glows in different colors at night. At the same time, it eliminates the lack of intimacy you have with conventional textile facades. Sustainability is also very important for us. We avoid using toxic materials in our coatings and safe energy by storing only the natural light provided by the sun.


Let us work together, bring light into the future and combine energy and design.


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