Well, the idea of participating in WPP was of my business partner Ana. She was thinking in to find partners out of Spain, so she founds at WPP the perfect occasion. The difficult was in introduce the artisanal part in an innovative project.

When we start to think about the idea, I had clear that I wanted a winter garment. This is because the main prototype is a big coat. The print (an illustration of a women-horse in the middle of a forest) was because I was dreaming with a magical world full of people and animals in an oneiric sense, so, with an artist, I could materialize my dream.
It took several months to develop my idea.


The bird of the project:

-Our project has 3 main parts:
-Development of the print
-To Print the fabric


Make the artisanal technique over the garment.

It means that there is 2 artist involved, first at all, the artist who had to sketch my dream in a paper, and the second, the artist who had to do in her technique the sketch in 3D. Several people building in a coat my dream...can you imagine...
Transmit an idea is not easy, because you must tell every detail, and you both and the artist must materialize a dream in a garment.
Communication between us was not easy sometimes. When the project progress, everything is ok, but sometimes when you can’t go ahead. come on...this is very difficult.
In my artistic creations, I always think out the box, and I need the same with my partners, so that, I guess that the most difficult issue in our project has been creating an artistic garment with different artists.


The creative process:

This question is almost answered in the question before. The process is the same that a supply chain, I mean, first I need the illustration for printing fabric. Label Graine could not work without the final illustration, and without printed fabric, we couldn’t sewing the coat, and therefore, Mas Telas couldn’t make her artisanal technique over the coat.
In terms of creativity, artists would create what I had in my mind, or how I was expecting the final, it involves a lot of changes, a lot of discussions and time, artistic projects need time, and sometimes schedule doesn’t permit it.
Technically, Mas Telas had the main problem, because she had to reproduce a sketch in a technique quite like patchwork, it wasn’t easy.
In the beginning, we thought to reproduce the sketch in color, but it was so complicated because of the Pantone, so, in the end, we decided to do that in black and white.


Collaborations have been great because Label Graine has the last technology in print fabrics and Mas Telas is an incredibly special artist.
Artistic projects are always difficult, but 3 brains thinking at the same time is better than
1. In our case, Label Grain suggested better fabric for print, and MAs Telas suggested to do their technique in black and white.
Sometimes if you work alone, you only see 1 way, and maybe you choose the most difficult one.


The Future:

Before the COVID I saw the future clear. I mean...I do an artistic garment and taking the inspiration of the artistic garment, I do wearables garment, so, in this way, you can see very clearly the sense of artistic inspiration.
After COVID, rules in fashion are going to change. Nobody knows now, what is going to happen with the traditional fashion model industry.
Maybe, now, after this situation, artisanal work has more sense than before.
In another hand, investment in fashion is needed all the time. before selling, you need to create stock. You pay before the money for the stock. This is the main risk of a fashion model. Maybe now, pre-order and wait for a garment is the new future in fashion, because after this
crisis, a lot of small fashion companies as mine will be hurt.


After this experience, i think that collaborations are great...but not all kinds of collaborations or with have to find people like you, for sharing experience, know-how, happiness, and frustrations.
I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy to collaborate, but if you find the right one, everything is easier.
Sharing means that you can grow up more than by yourself. You can’t be an expert in everything, so, find the right people and go on for it!!!


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