Sofie Deckers

Sofie Deckers
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Sofie Deckers (°91) is a Belgian designer based in Lausanne. She recently graduated from the Master Space and Communication at HEAD in Geneva, a design programme that broadened her perspective as a graphic designer and encouraged her to design across different disciplines. While all her projects are based on the ambition to translate a powerful narrative into a strong visual language, the outcome may take various forms: from graphic design in all of its aspects to multimedia interactions and scenography.

Paradise Series is an installation with movable, easy to set up elements and specifically designed tools, activated during a performance. In becoming the director of a collective fantasy, I enable myself  to escape my mundane daily life.
The dream of a life better than the one we know is an essential part of human nature. Paradise is an omnipresent timeless figure expressing a yearning for that which is absent or desired. Today, in our modern western society, Paradise has become a commodity on the tourist market, a highly controlled construction that responds to the needs of Western tourists to transcend the limits of daily life. Escapism is produced and sold in an easy accessible form: a getaway to an exotic remote island. However, it is an artificial construction that ignores the local reality of these destinations and the imagined experience can never be reached, because it doesn't exist outside the imagination.   

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