Louise Limontas

Louise Limontas
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Brussels based textile designer and artist, Louise Limontas graduated from La Cambre in 2013. With an interest for the body as a white page, she has been initiated into fashion design where she discovered the beauty and complexity of creating materials and fabrics. After several work experiences in London, Stockholm and Antwerp she obtained the MAD price for the ETT Tilburg residency which led me to Italy where she worked as a print designer for Erica industria tessile. Always using handdrawing techniques and collages, she design a wide range of prints for several clients. Her experience brought her to create around different “textile” disciplines like bobbin lace, embroidery, printing, weaving or even lasercutting. As a multidisciplinary textile designer she is interrogating craftsmanship’s limits. By experimenting with different handmade and industrial techniques she create drawings and images, materials, shapes.

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