-Il tuo momento di luce e colore surreale-

L'evento di lancio di Morfoza, un apparecchio unico

This is your time to discover light and color like never before.

Morfoza is a unique and versatile device that uses the light spectrum to create fascinating effects. Our moods and needs are constantly changing. The luminaire is as versatile as we are: metamorphosis from a minimal monochromatic light source into a burst full of colorful dynamic motifs. Morfoza invites the viewer to move into a realm of light and color, also challenging visual perception.


Light effects are produced from materials such as plastic film and use only white light. The multidisciplinary research of our study on optics and perception brings these materials into an unexpected light, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The almost surreal landscape aims to question our perception of everyday objects and experiences: what is real? How much "reality" can we perceive?

Morfoza is an example of Catrinel's practice of visualizing the invisible forces that we experience in a captivating way every day.



The lamp is available in two sizes and two fixing options: wall mounted fixture (diameter 57 cm and 28 cm) and table lamp (diameter 28 cm). However, we also design custom parts on commission. For orders, do not hesitate to contact us: contact@catrinelstudio.com

The five available light effects are: Base: monochromatic blackout effect / Stripe pattern / Iridescent organic 3D pattern / Iridescent geometric 3D pattern / Color gradient. Discs that produce light effects can be easily swapped. At the time of purchase, the buyer decides the number of desired filters.

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