Ruben launches new design concep: furniture made out of sand

Ruben van Megen’s magical sand castles at Fuori Salone  

That magical feeling of building a sand castle, in the surf with the sun on your back. The euphoria felt after completing the structure is quickly alternated by the tension of the approaching waves of the rising tide, an important life lesson. Ruben van Megen (The Netherlands, 1984) built many sandcastles as a child on the Dutch North Sea coast. Ruben wants to relive and share the tension between euphoria and deception, through his new collection: Sandcastles.


Ruben developed stackable elements of sand, held together with a binder. A coffee table is built with these elements and comes with chairs. The set can be used indoors and outdoors. The colors are inspired by the colorful sand shapes that are often used when building a sand castle. Buyers co-create the Sandcastles, which is a important part of the design concept. Elements and colors can be selected, which are put together by the new owner by simply stacking them. A lamp is also added to the collection, which creates the illusion of a shell.

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