Designer Pierre De Valck

Selected by Salone Satellite 2020

Pierre De Valck stands for authentic, handmade furniture with a unique natural historical signature. The great Belgian designers such as Jules Wabbes, Ado Chale and Maarten Van Severen are his source of inspiration. Pierre De Valck builds on an age-old tradition of Belgian craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture expresses in a unique way pure materials in their most honest appearance. The result is durable character pieces that stir – real “collectibles” to fall in love with, cherish and leave with pride to the next generation. Pierre De Valck furniture is manufactured entirely in Belgium.
This project represents a series of objects incrusted with (semi)precious stones of exceptional historical importance. From the North Sea to the hills of the Ardens - discover Belgium through the unique stories told by its raw jewels.

Nazione: Belgium