Designer Studio Biskt

Selected by Salone Satellite 2020

Charlotte Gigan (ceramist) and Martin Duchêne (designer) form the creative Studio Biskt. At the crossroads of art and design, their collaboration is characterized by their duality and the contrast that gather them together. A dual universe where ideas arise from hybridizations between industrial processes and manual skills. Charlotte and Martin pay particular attention to the way the object is created. The many experiments involved in the appearance of new forms and functions that draw their inspiration in the architectural and industrial field.
By its nomadic looks, and the materials that compose it, Balik is in essence both fragile and robust. In this reinterpretation of the seat, Studio Biskit realizes a metal base that, like two river banks, that would be linked by a extruded clay junction. Glazed in different shades of colours, Balik aspires to the outdoors and evokes, in its composition and possibility of assembly, multiple variations.
With Tulumba, Studio Biskt adapts atypically this everyday object that is the vase. Terracotta soliflores enclosed in an elastic ribbon, the multiple combinations give the object a sculptural and unprecedented silhouette. The tapered lines that can freely interlock with each other to compose a set of infinite variable, that creates, with a touch of humor, the charm of this vase.

Nazione: Belgium