Designer Olivier Vitry for Claisse Architectures

Selected by Salone Satellite 2020

Olivier Vitry is an architect and administrator at Claisse Architectures. In collaboration with his partners, he passionately develops architectural projects, with particular attention to the details that create or recreate unique spaces. These spaces become timeless thanks to their plain, elegant, simple and subtle design. Moreover, Olivier Vitry personally develops furniture based on that same approach, both in terms of the materials used and their assembly.
Adaptable Sofa is a range of ottomans, armchairs and sofas that is completely modular. The seat has a cushion inserted in a tubular basket-shaped frame in which you can easily insert or remove seat backs, arm rests and tables, as often as you like. The cushions are finished with comfortable, luxury velvet to contrast with the black galvanised steel finish of the metal frame.

Nazione: Belgium