Designer Nikki Alagha

Traditions, materials and colors all have a way of engaging us, and creating both a physical and mental response. My aspiration in design is to tap into that and shape new experiences. Once one connects with an object, engages with it, it is more likely to mean something to the person. Thus creating pieces that are cherished and used. My inspirations come from human experiences. Why do people do the things they do or feel the way they feel? I am intrigued by an emotional response.

In 1997 my family and I immigrated to Canada. Growing up in Vancouver BC, I was fortunate enough to discover that I had a passion for the Arts and I was encouraged to pursue it. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University in 2015. Since then I have worked as a Production Manager for ANDlight and more recently, in 2018, I started my own full time design practice. I start with the problem I want to address or the material I want to explore, and try to find the most engaging way to approach it. Along the way the aesthetic finds itself. My Persian background and being raised by an artist, drive me to never shy away from colors, curves or textures.

#51 268 Keefer Street
Vancouver BC, V6A 1X5
Nazione: Canada
Data di nascita: 21/09/1990
(33 anni)