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This project derives from reflections on certain issues related to fly fishing. These include the cultural limits of this sport and the lack of innovation in the equipment used by fly anglers. From the outset, the idea was to design a product capable of radically changing how this activity is conducted, which has remained unchanged for centuries. Secondly, our objective was to attract young individuals to engaging in this sport. Technology is a fundamental element of the project and a common feature of smart devices, the internet of things and, in particular, wearable technology. Technology is revolutionising the way people live, in particular in relation to objects, simplifying them and expanding their functions.  AGO is a technological and connected fly fishing kit, made up of a tube for fishing tackle, a rod and reel. AGO is a thesis project developed under the guidance of Claudio Larcher; it was awarded with the Critics Award at the 23rd edition of Targa Bonetto.



Production year:

2019 extras realated to AGO