Cats of Brutalism: the Instagram account for architecture and cat lovers

Stretching felines, purring felines, dozing felines. A series of photomontages in which cats interact with brutalist architecture.


A dedicated account for those who love cats but also love architecture. According to the New York Times @cats_of_brutalism is one of the 5 Instagram profiles to follow this month. A mix of brutalist buildings and four-legged friends who talk and play with each other: impossible to resist.

The creators are three recent graduates and two professors from the University at Buffalo in the United States. The idea was born during the COVID-19 pandemic to occupy time during isolation days. 

The profile now has more than 45 thousand followers, where the angular volumes of the architecture of Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi and many others become almost soft to the touch thanks to the presence of our four-legged friends.


The posts are perfectly researched and show all the necessary information about the protagonists. The architectures report year, location, architect and so on. Felines, on the other hand, are often foundlings looking for a home or real internet influencers.
To put a smile to your face even on the dreariest of days!


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