BRAFA Art Fair's smart response to the pandemic

From January 27 to January 31, 126 art dealers from 13 different countries and 37 different cities will open the doors of their galleries to the public.


It takes the name BRAFA in the Galleries and will replace the BRAFA fair at Tour & Taxis, postponed to January 2022 due to the pandemic. From January 27 to January 31, 126 exhibitions will take place simultaneously, organized by as many art galleries, directly in their locations. An event always in attendance, respecting the current sanitary norms.


BRAFA in the Galleries is a smart response to the ongoing pandemic that comes from the desire to create a continuity, without denying the public the event, and to re-establish a direct contact between dealers and end users, which is fundamental in the art world.

An idea developed by the Association Foire des Antiquairs de Belgique with the support of Delen Private Bank to offer the more than 65,000 visitors the opportunity to take part in a real widespread event: the more than 100 participating galleries were invited to open the doors of their art galleries to the public. 


Among the new features, BRAFA's website has been renewed to promote the initiative. Each exhibitor will have its own reference page, with a catalog of works and all the information necessary to be reached. Visitors will also have the possibility to download online the pdf of the maps of the cities where the initiative will take place, and there will also be live streaming and social insights.

"We couldn't resign ourselves to suspending our event altogether after 65 years," said Harold t'Kint de Roodenbeke, president of BRAFA. "We have a very loyal audience and ours is the first art event on the calendar, even for gallerists. Even in September, despite the disastrous international scenario we had almost a hundred exhibitors ready to follow us in the adventure. Everyone liked the idea of creating a widespread fair, going directly to the galleries. We will try to keep alive the spirit and the quality of the proposals by inviting visitors - even virtual ones - to our galleries or our homes".



In Italy you can visit BRAFA in the following galleries:
- Rome: Paolo Antonacci (Via Alibert 16/A) and W. Apolloni (Palazzo Patrizi, Via Margutta 53B).
- Venice: Gioielleria Nardi (Piazza San Marco 69) 
- Arezzo: Theatrum Mundi (Via Cesalpino 20)
- Piedmont: Chiale Fine Art in Racconigi (Via Stefano Tempia 22)
In Milan, it will not be possible to go to the venue in person, but there will be live social and online insights with: Robertaebasta, Dalton Somaré, Brun Fine Arts (Via Carlo Pisacane 40), Cortesi Gallery and Repetto Gallery.

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