10 diaries and calendars to plan your new start, day by day

An overview of useful tools to start 2021 on the right way, in the name of functionality and mental well-being.


The 2021 starts with the confirmation that the world of work is rapidly evolving towards new organisational models in terms of time and space, due to a state of emergency that has not yet passed. Large companies, as well as the more forward-thinking small ones, have well understood that a crisis, such as the current one, brings with it changes but also great opportunities. It is no coincidence that the word 'crisis' comes from the Greek verb κρίνω (krino), meaning to separate, update, change.

Today, smartworking is an established phenomenon that the individual worker must manage without being overwhelmed. While working from home gives us the feeling of having much more time to carry out our personal tasks, it also risks distracting us by spending 'too much' (more than we should) on work and losing focus on our personal well-being.

This is why it is useful to have physical and not only digital tools at hand to help us organise our time, on a daily but also weekly, monthly or even yearly basis, for a medium to long term outlook, identifying objectives, priorities and a to-do list, both work-related and personal.

Here are 10 calendars, planners and diaries that we would like to recommend for a year of organisation, functionality and mental well-being.

A3 Wall Hanger by Risotto
Made in a limited edition risographic print, it has space to scribble and note down important things. The calendar also features the phases of the moon. Printed on recycled paper.



Agenda Settimanale Alice's Adventures in Wonderland large 12 mesi by Moleskine
Classic Moleskine 12-month diary, with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-themed hardcover, for a comfortable writing experience even without a supporting surface. To welcome a bit of craziness into this 2021. 



Wall Planner 2021 - A0 size by Octàgon
Ideal for planners and creative professionals. 12 sheets, one for each month, large size, 84 x 118.4 cm, to always have a clear view of short but also long term goals.



At-a-Glance Three-Year Monthly Planner
Agenda on a three-year basis (2021-2023) for long-term projects. Each month is spread over two pages. Useful for multi-year projects or, for example, for university students who want to plan their studies. Hard cover and large desktop size.


Formosa - Calendario perpetuo a parete di Enzo Mari by Danese
A legendary perpetual wall calendar, made of aluminium and movable PVC sheets that define the date. The lettering used, in the black and red version, is Helvetica, a great classic in the production of Enzo Mari and Danese Milano since 1963.



Spectrum Wall Planner by Poketo
Wall planner in poster format (76.5 x 52.2 cm) open date, so it can be used at any time. Mount as a traditional flip-out calendar or as a full wall composition as a powerful long-term planning tool. Equipped with Sticky Notes for the most precious notes.



Weekly calendar 2021 by Monograph
Weekly notepad calendar. Practical for use around the house, reminds us of our weekly commitments. Then tear it off and start again. Suitable for those who have no regrets about past reminders.



Monthly Planner in Midnight by Poketo
Simple and slim, this monthly open date planner features a concise and functional grid layout, offering plenty of space for notes and appointments. Available in three sizes, A6, A5 and A4 to suit all budgets and needs.



Year Round by mo man tai 
Eight 10-meter rolls of masking tape for a wide variety of planning and time organisation possibilities. Made of paper, they are easy to remove from surfaces and walls.


To do notepad by Kartotek Copenhagen
More than a diary or a calendar, a practical tear-off notepad for marking your daily to-dos. Keep it on the kitchen table, on your desk or in your bag.



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