Defhouse: the (design) house for TikTok influencers

The goal is not to give show and create engagement but to give contents by creating culture.


The Defhouse designed by WSC® is the first European Concept House in Milan that will host eight very young tiktokers under 20.
The project is inspired by the concept of collab houses: breathtaking villas and huge apartments designed with the aim of generating engagement by bringing together content creators and allowing them to create quality and successful products.The space has to be functional and creative at the same time.

Here the scenario changes, the goal is not to give show and create engagement but to give substance by creating culture and depth through the continuous stimulation and cultivation of talent.
#FocusOnYourPotential is the mantra of the house designed by the digital company Web Stars Channel.


Who are the tiktokers who live at Defhouse?

Florin Vitan, Davide Moccia, Tommaso Donadoni, Marco Bonetti, Alessia Lanza, Jasmin Zangarelli, Simone Berlini and Yusuf Panseri.


To follow them and guide them inside the house there is Defne, an indefinite entity that speaks to the guests proposing every day an artistic and cultural program to follow.

"The group of guys living in the house is the result of a very careful and laborious research that lasted several months. We chose them after examining hundreds of social profiles for their artistic and complementary qualities. Some are good at dancing, some are good at singing, some are good at acting and so on.

This choice wasn't made because of their popularity or the number of followers on socials, but because we saw in them a talent to cultivate and the ability to function as a group, to contaminate each other and give a higher value to the Defhouse project" - Giuseppe Greco, partner and creative director of WSC®.

The Defhouse design

Defhouse's design is characterized by a strong aesthetic, a perfect balance between Luxury and Pop.



"We are in Milan, the birthplace of the movements that changed the way of understanding design: we are talking about Alchimia, Memphis which in the 80's transformed the approach to design," says Art Director John Pentassuglia.

Saturated and fluorescent colors, "Instantfriendly", take up in a new light the brighter soul of the post-modern vein through objects and furnishings with a strong visual impact, used to capture the fleeting attention of the social media.



The living room opens up at the entrance, surrounded by large windows where the colors light up on the sofa, on Seletti's iconic armchairs, on the walls and accessories, with a ceiling characterized by clouds by Magis illuminated by neon: versatile light sources of great charm protagonists in the 80s that become the fil rouge of the whole house, becoming artistic writings on the walls or the curious emoticons that identify the guys of the house.


Crossing the corridor-gallery you enter the rooms of the guys cut out from their personalities and, each one, defined by a support color: blue, gray, pink or red.


In Defhouse the protagonists aren't the inhabitants but its style, its way of communicating, its environment and its desire to teach and sensitize the world of GenZ guys to important topics: a real Academy of Talent through its Instagram and TikTok profiles and on its YouTube channel that we invite you to follow!

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