It's time to be the change - Storie di carica, stories of change

Be Charge gets back to talk about itself and tells us stories of people, territory, and change. And it does so through the launch of its new storie di carica campaign.


Not just numbers, but stories to tell.
Be Charge, the leading player in the market of electric car charging stations in Italy, which has as its development plan the installation of 30,000 new charging points in the next five years on the national territory, develops and presents its new communication project.

A project that has its roots in a message that Be Charge, and the e-mobility world in general, have been bringing to the attention of consumers for some time: it is time for change. And today we are all more aware of it.

We have questioned ourselves, especially in recent months that have changed every scenario, about which world we would like to inhabit. And we found a shared answer: we need to move in a new direction, in terms of sustainability and innovation.

A direction that leads to being more in harmony with the environment, which sees us as protagonists, responsible, connected and charged with a new energy.

The goal of "consuming in a different way", in this case choosing the electric mobility promoted by Be Charge, can only arise from the will of everyone, from a conscious action that makes us all active actors of our present and ingredients responsible for our future.

We want a world that has the name of those who live there, and in which technology can play a connecting role between the territory and the people who live there.

Thus was born a path in which technology wears "human" clothes, warms up, gets closer to people, and establishes a dialogue with the place where it lives. Be Charge chooses to give the charging stations the name of people who every day “charge up” the area they inhabit.

The protagonists of the campaign are people who become real ambassadors of an attitude that looks to a better future.

Ordinary people who become virtuous examples and real sources of energy.

The winning strategy is to field all the charge that each of us possesses, transforming our life story into a story that speaks of energy and responsibility: into a Story of Charge.

Many and different, therefore, the stories that we will see distributed in the coming weeks on social channels and on the Be Charge website, video pills that will introduce us to these protagonists of change.

Be Charge invites everyone to feel charged with an energy capable of building a better future.

Be The Change, Be Charge.

We are all part of the change, follow it too!

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