Riflessi Milano, a window of design under the Torre Velasca

The Milanese store of Riflessi, a space to discover the company’s new collections and best-sellers.


At the corner of corso di Porta Romana and piazza Velasca, under one of the most symbolic building of the Milanese architecture, five six-meters-high windows reveal the Riflessi flagship store. An important door in lava stone welcomes inside a space of 400 square meters on three levels, where one can discover the ample variety of furniture and accessories by Riflessi, from seats to tables, from cupboards to consoles, up to lighting projects, mirrors and wall clocks. On every floor there is a succession of sets that are periodically updated and where it is possible to see in person the ample range of finishes, dimensions and colors with which Riflessi products are customizable, and where to experience the extreme functionality, comfort and practicality of every design piece.

In occasion of the 2020 Milano Design City, the store becomes the scene for DESIGN NO SIZE, a set focused on a design without predetermined sizes, dimensions or proportions where the protagonists are some seats in a new comfort version and a special edition of the Living table collection with a precious oversized top in Patagonia marble.

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Piazza Velasca, 6
20122 Milano MI

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