JCP Universe - Another nature


JCP Universe presents objects of wonder and discovery from an imagined alternate reality. It’s an unconventional brand going beyond the normal commercial framework to open culture to everyone.

As humans finally accept how deeply their actions impact the planet they inhabit, JCP Universe brings attention to the subject by focusing on substance.

Our natural environment is where all of our thoughts, actions and lives stem from. Everything we imagine, everything we create is ultimately based on what nature offers us. Consequently, any kind of creation is largely founded on what we perceive around us. But what if this natural world were different from the one, we are used to?

Another Nature presents JCP’s unique ecology, through its’ artifacts that go beyond mere functional objects, becoming instead symbolic pieces of an alternative reality.

Nature’s inspiration is reinterpreted under the brand's eclectic filter: Erutuf and Tufure carpets, created by Studio Lievito, invite us to discover unknown planets, scattered with imaginary craters and promontories. A series of tufted rugs that recreates the conformation of alien soils through material effects and irregular cuts.

Protagonists of the Karst bookcase, signed by CTRLZAK + Debonademeo, are the lava stone fragments, resting on thin metal plates, like suspended imponderable matter in search of its cosmic balance. An imaginary topography that brings an unseen natural perspective within the domestic sphere.

Selen vase by CTRLZAK is composed of a solid block of Selenite that is segmented in order to reveal its core where an inox tube serves as a container of organic elements. A crystal extracted from underground caves of frozen planets that becomes a vessel of other life forms.

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Showroom: Jumbo Group Milano
via Hoepli 8
20121 Milano, Italy
Tel: +39 031 7075 777

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