Etro Home Interiors - Neutral is the new color


A set of emblematic products tells ETRO Home Interiors’ transformation, from the exuberance of a lively and psychedelic color palette, to a proposal with a soft and refined allure, which reveals an unprecedented facet of the brand.

White, beige, greige and champagne, combined with light pastel shades, are the neutral and delicate colors that lend a relaxed charm to the furnishings, while the exotic accents confirm the ethnic inspiration that has always featured the collection. The peculiar elements of ETRO Home Interiors line are also confirmed: the use of iconic fabrics and refined materials, combined with symbolic themes such as the Paisley and the initial letter of the ETRO logo.

Classic, soft and elegant lines for the Madras line. The leather belt is the contrasting decorative element that emphasizes the harmony of the shapes, while the buckle with ETRO logo signs and seals the quality of the pieces.

Ethnic accents for Ambar tables and for Shah small armchairs. In Ambar small tables, the structure consisting of base and top in precious Carbalho wood evokes the typical African percussion. The ethnic inspiration of Shah small armchairs refers to the Persian tradition, and is found in the essential lines of the dark wood structure and in the Bukhara fabric upholstery, with tribal decorative embroidery.

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